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Futsal Programme

Futsal Elite delivers sport and education in schools through a highly skilled and reliable workforce.
New support and guidance from the Association for Physical Education (AfPE), the UK’s physical education and school sport subject association, will allow us to improve the quality of teaching available to school pupils and ensure that all of our staff are trained to our very high minimum standards which will include:


– FA Youth Award Module 1

– First Aid and Child Safeguarding Certificates

– Continuous Professional Development

We provide well trained coaches for the purpose of delivering high quality PE in schools. The coaches will work closely with teachers to plan, deliver and assess the lessons and ensure that the teacher gains valuable learning, skills and confidence during this process. This is all in preparation for the new PE national curriculum and we work hard to ensure we can support schools to deliver this.

Extra-Curricular Sport

In line with this increased focus on quality and service, we will look to focus efforts to ensure that coaching and leadership can be provided to the very highest standards.



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